Why Do Our Eyes Get Red When We Swim? Here’s The Answer!

The real reason why our eyes turn red will be revealed...

TRUTH: Sometimes, our eyes get irritated after swimming.

TRUTH: We usually blame chlorine for making our eyes red after swimming.

MYTH: Chlorine is responsible in making your eyes look like you just smoked weed.

So why do our eyes turn red after swimming? Is it because of chlorine? Is it because someone poked our eyes while we’re underwater? Is it because swimming pools have marijuana mixed in it?

The real answer doesn’t might gross you out.

Just like Loch Ness, Santa Claus, and even some celebrity boob job, the belief that too much chlorine makes your eyes red is fake. As a matter of fact, you must have realized by now that you may have swum some pools with overpowering chlorine (but still, your eyes were not irritated). So why do our eyes get red and itchy after spending minutes in the pool?

You might want to blame other people’s bladder for this one, because the main reason is PEE.

We all know that chlorine acts as a ‘cleaner’ that disinfects water to make it cleaner and clearer. However, not all unwanted substances are cleared by chlorine. In this case, your eyes get red because of chlorine’s reaction to pee.

But of course, you have to admit that you peed on a pool once in your life. That wouldn’t make you a worse person. However, if you pee on someone else’s pool each time you dive in; it could lead to a bigger problem.

This is the reasons a lot of scientists and swimming enthusiast advise frequent swimmers to take a shower each and every time they dip on their pools. Good hygiene and proper bladder control can also help you avoid eye irritation. So if you really feel like doing it now, then don’t wait.

At this point, no one will notice who released the splurge.

Remember, don’t treat your pool like a gigantic liquid-version of cat litter. If you think your bladder might explode any minute, just climb up quickly and do your deed on a toilet.

Lastly, don’t depend too much on chlorine because it won’t hide the fact that you pee on your pool every time you dip in.

(cover photo image source: mamashealth)