The Ultimate Test! How Many iPhones Does It Take To Stop A Bullet!

(source: EverythingApplePro)


There was a legend that a certain phone could defend its owner from complete danger. It’s said that this certain species of phone could even block a fast-moving bullet. Not known by any but by a name NOKIA, this legendary phone has been the topic of many woodland rumors. Many have witnessed how this NOKIA could withstand a hammer from the Northland’s, the tremors from Neptune’s deep, and even the curses of those who were not be named.

But now, a new emerging hero is now challenging the mighty NOKIA. A high-class king named King Apple would challenge the legendary phone by betting his belongings to his own son named iPhone!

So can the iPhone even out (or even surpass) NOKIA’s performance? Can the beast from kingdom Appleonia defeat the powers of a NOKIA? These will all be decided by a single match.

Well uhm, enough with the medieval tone of story-telling! And let’s just see if the iPhone could withstand an AK-74 bullet (because why not?!).

I know that there were rumors (and more of a news) about Nokia phones and their ability to withstand damages. There were also other news saying Nokia phones actually saved their owners by blocking the bullet that was supposed to hit them.

EverythingApplePro thought about this feat (since he might look like an Apple fan), so he tried to take iPhone to the next level. That is, identify the number of iPhones needed to stop an AK-74 bullet (because just like what we’ve just said before, why not?!).

They lined up 7 iPhones and one Samsung (because of some reason) on a wooden stand and fired the AK-74.

The result? It took  5 iPhones to stop an AK-74 bullet. I guess iPhone still can’t beat the legendary Nokia, huh?

So what could we learn from this nonsense test? If you want to be as safe as a bullet-proof van, wear 5 layers of iPhones on your body. Why? Because why not!