This Awesome Illusionist Can Magically Pull Out A Wine Bottle Out Of Thin Air!

(source: Asad Ali)


We all love drinking booze. When we’re at a party, the one who brings the drinks is usually the one who’s very popular. And if you’re the kind of person who always brings the beer, the vodka, the wine, or anything that could induce you to an alcoholic state, then you are a blessing to this world!

We also love magic. Like seriously, who doesn’t like magic? Who doesn’t like seeing things appear and disappear out of thin air? Since we’re just tykes, we were already amazed on how these illusionists trick us. And seriously, no matter how simple or how difficult the trick is, we still get the same thrill.

But you know what? Some magicians combine trickery and booze at the same time. That’s right! Now, you can have the same thrill of seeing those eye-tricking magic plus the excitement of seeing booze… MULTPLYING BOTTLES OF BOOZE!

Oh yes, I know you really want to see it! So just enjoy this video and maybe grab a glass of wine as you watch this.

What you’ve just seen is not only a trick the features your typical “mystery exchanging bottles”. What made this more outstanding is that the wine bottles just kept on popping and popping out of thin air.

If only I got that power, I could stay drunk for the whole day! And no one will ever had to buy booze on stores anymore! All I need is 2 gigantic tissue paper rolls and that’s about it!

We asked our “resident magician” on how can someone pull this trick. But as of now, our magician is kinda drunk cause he kept on drinking those wines that popped out whenever he lifts the tubes for an explanation.

Well, that means we won’t be getting any magical booze powers. Aww!