This Guy’s Friend Stole His Kidney, And The Reason Behind It Might Scare You!

(source: ViralBrothers)


Anyone who loves his or her body, raise your hand! *Everyone raises hands*. Now, anyone who will never sell their kidneys to other people, raise your hand! *Again, everyone raises their hands*. Again, anyone who most probably pranks his best friend, raise your hand! *As expected, everyone raises their hands*. For the last question, is anyone here willing to go overboard and prank his friend by making him look like a drugged up victim that lost his kidneys unwillingly, raise your hand! Wait, what?

Viralbrothers, one of the funniest pranksters on YouTube, made another hilarious prank that will really shock you once it was done to you!

Just imagine this… You just came from a relaxing swimming routine when you found out that there’s a freaking kidney stealer in your hometown. And then, you got your usual bar happening and drank up some beer or something. You fell asleep. But when you woke up, BLAM!

Goodbye kidney! Hello psychiatrist!

One of the Viralbrothers came up with this super horrible prank after he was pranked by thinking that his girlfriend jumped out from the window. And now, he wants to take revenge.

So, what could be the best revenge for this one? Well, you could rent a skanky motel and fill it with ice and fake blood, and then put your friend there and let him realize that the kidney stealer he just saw on TV earlier was actually real.

The prank was executed so well that everything really took its place.  I mean, just l can’t believe that he’ll go with this idea even though it could affect his friend mentally!

Oh well, just make sure that you won’t do this to me, okay?

So the next time you watched something on the TV like organ snatchers or anything, never drink after! Or else, you’ll see your kidneys on top of some skanky toilet from a skanky motel!