This French Bulldog Puppy Struggling To Get Up Will Definitely Melt You!

(source: Lavander2003)


A life without any struggles is not worth living for. For some, life obstacles makes one a better person. You may not be the person who you are today if you have not faced these challenges in life. But if you’re the kind of person (or puppy) who just want to stand up from his bed, that’s a different kind of story. Admit it, if you’re an adorable puppy, everything must go according to your wants and needs.

Now, if I was a French baby bulldog and my stubby body cannot really help me, then at least help me, will you! We just can’t accept the fact that the human recording the struggles of this cute little puppy didn’t even bother in helping him.

We may all agree that this little puppy now understands the true meaning of the word “bad day”. Remember those days when you just can’t really get a hold of yourself? Remember those days when you just woke up, realizing that you’re already 30 minutes late for work? Remember those days when you want a creamier coffee but you just ran out of creamer? Yes, this is what this puppy feels like in this video.

So when it comes to cute puppies and their adorable ways to show that they have little problems on their lives, too, you have 2 options. One is to help them out immediately to deliver them from their agony, or two, grab your phone or camera and start recording your puppy struggling his way towards a “standing” position.

For the puppy in the video, a word of advice from us. Do some exercises! Maybe have 2-3 sets of push-ups every day and have a healthy lifestyle. Just do this and maybe you won’t need to have another hard time in standing up.