This Woman Was Just Preparing Her Salmon When She Saw Something Eerie On It!



How do you usually catch a fish? For starters, you get a worm, hook it up and throw it on a lake or any bodies of water that has fish in it. Use the worm as a bait and wait for a few minutes, then..Tada!

You got yourself a fish from a simple worm! And who could ever knew that one disgusting worm could be exchanged as a great lump of fish meat that can make you full for an entire day!

Now, how to do you usually catch a worm? For starters, you get your own gloves (or don’t wear any if you like mud that much), go to the nearest mud or patch of land that you think worms reside, dig a little and then you get yourself a hefty-lump of worms that’s ready to well, uhm, to throw away!

But why spend time getting yourself some gloves, or maybe find yourself some murky soils just to find a worm when you can get it by getting a fish! Yep, you can get worms by using a fish!

Wait, what?!

Well, it does sound impossible if you’re planning to get some worms from a fish, but Jen Chafitz got the lucky draw as she discovered worms moving inside the fish that she purchased from Fry’s Grocerry.

As she was about to prepare the fish for a sumptuous meal, she noticed something that’s neither delectable nor mouthwatering.

“Found these little worms underneath the packaging” Chafitz said on her spine-tingling video.

Unlike any other I-found-a-critter-inside-my-food case, these (take note that it’s not THIS but THESE) worms were actually moving inside the packaging. They’re STILL ALIVE!

According to some experts, the worm was an Anisakis, a nematode found inside fishes (which usually reside on the fish’s gut).

Obviously, this fish wasn’t really cleaned that much by Fry, or maybe the worm was just very sneaky that fish cleaners haven’t caught them yet.

Sorry, but I’ll definitely pass if you’re asking me for sushi!