EXCLUSIVE! Shockwave Felt While Recording Tianjin China’s Recent Factory Accident!

(source: Reviews & The News)


TIANJIN, CHINA – Just when everyone thought they could get a peaceful sleep, an explosion suddenly boomed and shook the city. The said explosion left at least 17 people dead, 400 injured and 2 firemen missing.

This week, China was shaken by an explosion from a warehouse in Tianjin. According to sources, the said warehouse was owned by Ruihai Logistics, a freight-handling business that keeps combustible materials such as liquefied gases, flammable liquids, and other products that could’ve caused this earth-shaking explosion.

The explosion was so strong that even nearby factories were affected by it. It even produced a very weak earthquake that others felt nearby.

Various videos showing the enormous fireball were now quickly spreading social media. There are also videos (like this one) caught the actual shockwave coming from the blast.

According to China’s seismology department, the force from the explosion was so strong that it caused magnitude 2.3 earthquakes. The second one (with the shockwave) caused 2.9 magnitude quakes. It’s like your popping 21 tons of dynamite at the same time.

Civilians who lived near the explosions were advised to evacuate due to further dangers. Some reports stated that there are civilians who were also hurt by explosion even though they were miles away from the said explosion.

Tianjin Harbor Hospital already received 300 to 400 injured civilians from the explosions.

Fortunately, some residents are kind enough to donate their own blood in case of emergencies like this one.

As of now, we are waiting for further reports about the final total number of victims of the said explosion. However, this could be hard for since authorities blocked the access to this area due to safety issues.

For now, what we could only do is to hope that no more people will be affected by this horrible incident. Let’s just pray and wish that China could recover from this carnage as soon as they ca

UPDATE: Number of Death rose up to 44 while the number of injured grew to 520.