Kid Doesn’t Want To Jump Yet, So This Little Girl Did Something Unexpected!

(source: Latest News)


Admit it; you’ve been a total douche before. It’s either you intended to be that douche or you were just innocently douche. When we were just toddlers, we would do things that we thought were okay, but in the eyes of those who already knew the definition of being a douche, it wasn’t.

Like for example, we bet you don’t remember that time when you “accidentally” poured dishwashing liquid to your goldfish’s bowl. Or maybe, you still don’t have any idea about the time you actually broke your brother or sister’s tooth because you opened the door, in front of their face as they were about to enter your room.

Take this toddler for example.

Yes, the girl in front was really scared to jump. The heck, even I wouldn’t jump on that springboard at all. But I guess the kid that was following her didn’t have enough patience to wait for her turn. Instead, she did that.

“Oh come on, Suzy! I don’t have time for this! Little Tommy is for me at the kiddie pool!”

“Wtf, Lillian! I told you, I’m scared!”

“I don’t have time for this, Suzy! Just jump already!”

“I don’t want to! You have to force me!”

“Well, I’m doing you a favor!”

“What do you mean you’re doing me a fav—OH MY GOSH!”

If these kids were teens, the following 10 minutes would be all about cat fights, hair pulling, cursing, and teenagers rooting for the one who owns the place.

But look, I guess the world couldn’t be a better place if there were no Lillians living on this planet. I mean, you just need an extra push to make things possible, right?

Next time, don’t let your kids jump if you know yourself that they’re not emotionally fit for it. Don’t wait for another Lillian to do the honors. Trust us, do this and your kid could avoid a life-long trauma that could hurt her dream as a professional diver.