Tom Cruise Does MI Stunts In Real Life, Shows Balls of Steel During Stunts!

(source: Mission Impossible)


It’s a rush when we watch action scenes from our favorite action movies. You gotta admit that you like seeing guys tumbling on breakable props, explosions popping everywhere like moles from whack-a-mole. Maybe you like seeing car crashing on other cars like tumbleweeds to a cactus, or like when someone does a stunt that look like its life or death to that poor little guy. These are the things that make an action movie really awesome.

It’s not a secret to some that these scenes are usually computer generated. Sometimes, directors would ask editors and graphic artists to model crashes or explosions, and these directors will just combine it to the clip.

However, some movies would take a step further from the traditional stunt. Some will do everything to make it realistic. Maybe, they’ll just let the main actor do the stun without any doubles or something. But there’s this one movie that will defy that tradition.

Get ready, cause when you watch Mission Impossible in the future, you’ll see that the stunts that they made were not generated by a computer. What you are about to see is the REAL DEAL!

Yep, he got balls of steel just by doing this stunt. We wonder why the plane didn’t crash since his balls were definitely bigger than the plane!

Tom Cruise ain’t doing any stunt without him risking his life. And why should he do that? It is simply because no stunt is worth doing if it doesn’t look like you’re really doing it for real!

And so, why not do the stunts for REAL?

Imagine hanging on a military plane and just hanging on it while it flies up towards the sky of tomorrow with nothing to support your grip except your hands and a rope.

That’s ACTION MOVIE, you CGI-users!

4 words for our man, Tom Cruise.