Tycoon 10 – Top 10 Crazy Sex Positions Every Couple Should Try Immediately

sex position
A little challenge can make a difference in bed!

The mood is there. Flower petals everywhere and candle lights flicker as you and your partner stared at each other sensually. Now, both of you are naked. Every touch felt like it was electric pulses going through your nervous system. Sweat slowly forms on your body as you kissed each other. Oh boy! This will be a very long night!

As you were about to do it, you and your partner decided to do something different. Like maybe, do more than a simple missionary or doggy. And with that, your slowly reached your phone and about to Google whatever new and crazy positions to try out. But suddenly, your partner looked at your, disappointed. Oh boy! Maybe this will be a very short night after all!

Will you let this moment pass? Well, I don’t think so!

So we decided to gather up some crazy sex positions that you and your SO could definitely try immediately.

So get your sheet on, be protected and turn up the heat as we give you the Top 10 Crazy Sex Positions Every Couple Should Try Immediately!