This Person Gave A Homeless Guy Some Money, But What Happened Next Was Totally Unexpected.

(source: AreWeFamousNow)

If someone gives you something, would you some to the one who gave it to you?

That’s one important question that everyone knows the answer, but finds it difficult to apply.

If your classmate or office mates gives you food when you’re very, very hungry, will you give some to him/her? If someone lend you some money because you really need it, will you take a small amount and return it to him/her? If your family relative gave you support because you’re facing something, will you also do the same thing to him/her?

If we are the giver, we don’t expect the ones we helped to helped us, too. But what if that person helped you to in a very small way? What if that kind of person gave something back from the help that you just gave to him/her. It rarely happens, right? But what if I told you it can happen on the people you least expect, like perhaps, from a homeless guy?

YouTuber Karim (also known as AreWeFamousNow) is an Egyptian-Arab artist that’s known for his viral acts of kindness. At this video, he decided to give a random homeless man some money because he want to share his blessings. But instead of the usual reaction, he got something different.

The homeless man asked Karim to stay. So Karim didn’t hesitate but to sit down and wait for the homeless guy. After a few minutes, the guy arrived with food. He bought food that’s good for two.

He bought Karim some food that he bought from his money.

Karim and the homeless guy ate their meals and talked for a bit. The guy told Karim that no one will ever care for them because they’re just homeless people along the street. But Karim ensured him that a lot of people out here care for them.

The homeless guy didn’t want the money. What he wanted was a friend.

Readers, I personally encourage you to watch his videos and be inspired to his good deeds.

Seriously, we need to inspire others. And what better way to inspire them is to do it now.