WOAH! This Kid Just Got Real With His Epic Trampoline Basketball Trick Shot!

(source: AFV Approved)


It’s time for another “Let’s Make You Feel Bad Because You’re Untalented When Were A Kid!” portion!

Today’s topic? Basketball!

Basketball is the kind of sport that you just want to quit when you really suck. Like when you join the team because “you need to” and you just can’t make a single shot. Well, that’s kinda embarrassing. Or how about the time when you just want to push the ball in and prayed that it will happen, and instead, it hit another kid’s face. Yes, that’s the thing that basketball did to me when I was a kid.

So what does that make me feel? Well, squeamish at some point. And for the idea that I never actually made a shot with a legit ring makes me feel awkward. So it doesn’t really help me at all. And now, this kid (well, a teenager) just popped out from the Internet and made another awesome trickshot. Yey …  Another successful youngster doing things that I can’t do.

Yes, this teenager just did another awesome trickshot that could make my heart bleed with envy. All he got was 2 balls and a trampoline, tried shooting these 2 balls while doing some awesome somersault. Seriously, can anything be worse than this?

Kevin Libertowsky is the kind of kid that spends his time doing various trick shots. And when he does it, he films it. He practices every day to perfect those shots. And this time, he perfectly did a shot that requires skill, luck and glamour (?), three things that I don’t have when I was in his age. And yep, I can’t also do that trick because we don’t have any trampoline at home.

So the next time you see someone shoot a hoop perfectly, just cry down. We both know you can’t do that thing so don’t force yourself.

And that’s another “Let’s Make You Feel Bad Because You’re Untalented When Were A Kid!” for today!