This Documentary About Tarsiers Will Make You Happier And Smarter!

(source: zefrank1)


Last time, we featured a revamped documentary about bats and crocodiles. A certain user made use of a slightly “boring” documentary about the encounters of these 2 animals and added some minor details. And when we talk of minor details, we are pertaining to lasers, bombs, flames, explosions and some other details that can be used on the movie Star Wars.

And what was the result of this one? That documentary just became one heck of a masterpiece!

Today, another user from YouTube took animal documentations to the next level. You can now say good-bye to those dull explanations about life, breeding, anatomy and whatever things that are included on animal documentations and say hello to this tongue-in-cheek description of Tarsiers.

Tarsiers may look like a stubby little bear clumped together into one-bite-size cuteness, but this video just made these creature more interesting than a unicorn gliding through the air while granting children’s wishes along the way!

Yep, this is how zefrank1 from YouTube does his documentaries with animals (and Morgan Freeman). Yep, he does have a documentary about the most amazing actor of all. Which is kinda weird because he usually feature animals and not human beings on his videos.

Unlike your any other documentary, this one is quite funny, frank and uhm, informative. Just ask any kid and you’ll soon figure out that they actually learned something from this kind of content.

Just imagine this one. Instead of bored, scrunched up faces of students who wasted 1-2 hours of their lives watching some boring video, why not use this one to brighten up their faces. I really think that could work out really fine.

And so, another boring subject has been fixed by some cool user on the internet. Now, there will be no tarsier-related class in the future that could die out of dullness.

Thanks tarsiers for bringing an interesting light on our biology classes!