This Twin’s Mom Left The Camera On Their Room During Bedtime, But She Wasn’t Expecting This To See!

(source: Jennifer Pool)


Usually, twins would do things together. May it be bad or good, the twin rule book says that “What I Did Will Be Done By You, Too!” Although I never had a twin of my own, I think twins has this tendency to keep each other up and running, without anyone leaving his/her other twin in trouble.

If I had a twin, I would never leave him/her. Like seriously, we would do things that we may get in trouble or even break some house rules, but that’s about it. Nothing much about it except that when good things happen, I want my other twin to experience it, too.

This mindset is already present on twins even when they’re still young. And to prove that, we came up with the video that shows how “twins work together” even at a young age.

And yes, they’re like George and Fred Weasley from the movie Harry Potter!

They’re really cute right (and somehow creepy), right?

After their mom left for these two little rascals to rest and sleep, the tyke on the plain blue shirt initiated the plan by climbing off the crib. He even listened for their mom’s footsteps.

After securing the perimeter, he opened the door and peeped outside. His other twin (the one with the striped shirt) made noise while climbing out.

Ssssh! Billy! You’ll blow our cover!

So the coast is clear, and our 007 Agent Blue marched right out the room. As for his other pal, well uhm, he’s struggling.

So maybe it was a successful mission, except that their mom was just outside and waiting for them to bust out. Ouch!

Well, the little tyke with the striped-shirt doesn’t want to stay on the crib, so he just climbed out as well. Besides, they’re already caught.

And by the end of the video, they were peacefully negotiated by their moms.

“Did you climb out?…”

Of course, they shook their heads.

Bravo kids! And may you be spies like James Bond who can stealthily go everywhere in the future!