Tycoon 10 – Top 10 Movies That You Really Need To Watch In 2016!

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Please pass the popcorn

We’ve gone through half of 2015 and now, we’re almost near 2016. And when we talk of year transitions, we usually get fashion trends, Feng Sui, new gadgets, new food, and other new stuff that will go famous for the next year. And one of the topics that everyone is looking forward to is movies.

Like seriously, movies that will be shown next year are already showing their trailers already, and those alone will only make us very eager to watch them. Trailer after trailer after trailer, those movie companies think that we are all going to watch their babies! Well, heck yeah! We’re going to support all of them!

But wait, what are we going to watch?

NewsTycoon brought 10 movies that will be on the cinema’s next year and ranked them up on which ones should you really be looking forward to.

And no, it’s not all  superheroes just like what you’ve thought it would be.


Let them reel in, guys!