Tycoon 10 – Top 10 WTF-Looking Animals That Are Still Living Today

Tycoon 10 WTF Animals
Mother Nature really loves animals, huh?

I am an animal lover. I love watching movies with animals like Beethoven, 101 Dalmatians, A Bug’s Life and others. I do want to have a dog. If I wasn’t a writer, I would like to become a vet.

Isn’t it wonderful how Mother Nature works? Just look at how beautiful those flowers are! Look at all those flamingos and peacocks that gracefully move. Look at all those dolphins that make you want them to hug. And look at those Aye-Ayes that make your run like hell.

Oh sorry! I just thought that Mother Nature made all animals equally. It seems like she has her own bias when it comes to beauty.

If elegance were showered down from heaven, these 10 animals that we will present to you were most probably hiding under a rock or something.

So if you’re planning to have a pet animal, why not give these a try (if petting them OR if you’d actually pet these beautiful creates)!

#10 – Monkfish

– image

Just look at that brownish skin that compliments its beautiful face!

Monkfishes live on Europe’s coasts. They usually stay on the sea bed  an d wait for some food to appear above. And believe or not, they are cooked by some chefs. And yes, they taste delicious!

#9 – Proboscis Monkey

 – image

Laugh all you want with this handsome monkey, but you won’t believe what it can do!

Living in the jungles of Borneo, Proboscis monkeys use these sexy noses to attract females and to scare off competitors.

We bet you didn’t nose that! *snigger

#8 – Anglerfish


Anglerfishes are pretty popular in movies because they’re creepy and oddly cute at the same time.

Only a few knew that what’s with these gorgeous gals is that male anglerfishes (when mating females) eventually becomes the female’s uhm, ‘package’.

# 7 – Indian Purple Frog

– image

To be honest, they don’t look purple to me at all. All I know is that they’re cute, cuddly and moist at the same time.

Obviously, these lads are from the moist lands of India. They only resurface for about 2 weeks per year, not because they don’t want others to see their faces, but because it’s mating season.

# 6 –  Lamprey


Facebook were once filled with images of these majestic creatures. Try searching for their faces with their mouths hidden, and I’m sure that you’ll see them as cute as unicorns (just look at their innocent eyes). But once they show their teeth, you’ll probably run like a kid.

Fun Trivia: 300 million year old fossils tells that these creatures have only went some very minimal changes during its evolving years, meaning they’re just as creepy as they were ages ago.

#5 – Sea Pig


When people say the word pig, Babe: Pig in the City. Sure, Babe is one cute pig, but sea pigs are cuter!

But unlike land pigs, they feed on the ocean floor with the help of their chubby feet. And believe it or not, they can inflate and deflate their appendages with the help of their cute feet.

#4 – Water Bear/Tardigrades


Tardigrades are micro-animals that was discovered by Pastor Johann August Ephraim Goeze during the 17th century. Come to think of it, if you lived during that time, you’d be surprised to see an animal like this one.

But what makes it totally weird is the mere fact that these elegant micro-animals survived from various harsh conditions. Example? Try living with the vacuum of outer space.

# 3 – Blob fish


Whenever I see a blob fish, I remember my grumpy uncle who always looked like he was disappointed by the mere fact that my cousin was a douche.

Anyway, blob fishes doesn’t really look like this ‘ugly’. They usually look spiky and stern. They only look like my uncle when they’re out of the water.

#2 – Aye-Aye


Whether you like it or not,  aye-ayes are more related to us humans.

These Madagascar locals usually live along the forest trees without coming down on the lands. They have these long sleek middle fingers to scoop out insects for dinner. Just when you thought you can’t maximize your middle finger, huh?

And the Tycoon’s Top for this Top 10 is….

#1 – Penis Snake/ Atretochoana


Stop laughing! Seriously! She’s beautiful inside and out!

Atretochoanas are limbless amphibians that have no lungs (which means they breathe through their skin). They usually eat small fishes and other water invertebrates and rely mostly on their smell.  Go to Peru or Bolivia if you really want to see a penis snake.

Mother Nature loves all the animals equally. But of course, love has its own biases, right? Don’t blame her for making these animals, uhm, less beautiful. Just a little bit make-over and they can be as gorgeous as they could be!