OUCH! Unexpected “Crocodile Accident” Caught On Cam Will Surely Leave You Squeamish!



Remember those times when you’re doing something important, like really, really, really, really important and the least thing that you want in your life is disturbance. It’s like when you’re building a tower of cards and you’re just on your way to some finishing touches when one douchebag suddenly sneezes. Or maybe when you’re recording your next song when someone barged in and shouted DINNER’S READY!

Isn’t it annoying when someone does that?

But what if that person accidentally disturbed you when you’re doing something? It’s like that person doesn’t really mean to ruin everything, but he/she had no choice?

In this video, you’ll see another one of those “crocodile accidents”. Nope, no one is bloodied here due to merciless gnawing. No head being trapped inside a crocodile’s mouth. It’s just something that you just won’t expect. So you better keep your eyes peeled or you’ll miss the accident!

As you can see, this guy was doing your usual I’ll put my hand inside the crocodile’s mouth and because I can trick. The usual awe and terror on the viewers’ faces are still eminent there. Nothing out of the ordinary, except….


Someone just slipped and caused a sudden splashing noise inside the stadium.

At that point, the worst place that your body parts could be into is on

  1. a sound-activated meat grinder
  2. a sound-activated hand chopper, or…
  3. a real live crocodile that could suddenly snap the heck out of your soul.

Now, imagine what the kid thought after hearing his clumsy buddy slipped on the pool.

“F*ck!” x99! Plus a mini heart attack..

Luckily, the crocodile wasn’t giving a freak with the sudden noise and continues to open his jaw like a boss. Well kid, your arm just got a second chance in life!

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