An Officer Stopped This Girl For Something That She Doesn’t Expect!

(source: PWHSPoms)


What would you feel like when an officer stops your car for no reason and asks for your license? Like seriously, when you need to arrive at a certain event or meeting, and you can’t waste a minute or so, and then this officer smiles at you as he asks for your license.

This is what happened to a certain girl in Saukville.

Everything was going nice and slowly when a girl named Audra was stopped by a police car in the middle of somewhere we’re not sure. Just like any other cliché scenario with an officer, she was asked for a driver’s license (*insert extensive sweating here*).

So the officer walked back to his vehicle and grabbed some tickets for Audra. Confused, Audra waited for the officer without any questions. And when the officer got back, he said that he’ll give her 2 tickets. 2 TICKETS FOR UNKNOWN REASON! But not for long…

2 tickets… One for a flight to New York and the other one is for a concert named Timeflies. Now why should a random officer give her something like that?!

It turns out that Audra’s dad hired this sheriff to give Audra the surprise of her lifetime!

“You’re my favorite cop in the entire world!” Audra says while in tears.

You see here, Audra is not your ordinary girl who was lucky to have an awesome dad. She has HLH or Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis. It is a rare life-threatening condition that is usually inherited. Usually, HLH patients have poor immune system that could worsen its condition.

Audra has HLH and she has been undergoing treatment for almost 50 days. And while undergoing this stage, his dad thought of something to ease his daughter’s pain.

And of course, nothing could be better than sheriff surprising you with tickets! Awww!

Have a great one, Audra!