This Snatcher Tried Stealing Someone’s Bag, But He Was Stopped By An Unexpected Hero!

(source: [Mundo Curioso TV] )


You may not know it, but crime can happen instantly to anywhere within the street. One time, I was my bicycle when someone with a fast hand already took my bag (which was just dangling on my side.) Last week, I saw someone snatching the necklace of a lady (who didn’t do a think because everything happened too fast.) And with these crimes increasing, some people will prefer staying insider rather than going outside.

This video that you’ve probably watched already is from Chile (where the word chili doesn’t originate.) And like the fiery sensation that you feel after eating chili, you’ll get to see something intense. Yep, it’s a recorded attempt of a teenager stealing a bag from an unlucky passenger.

But guess what, one might “hero” just came into the rescue as the crime unfolds inside the bus. I guess the hand of fate really likes messing up with the bad guy’s plans, huh?

So who the heck was this “hero” that we’re talking about? I guess you better watch the video again to see it for yourself.

Just like any other unorthodox heroes, no one was really expecting the bus driver to stop the crime from happening. And the worst part on this one is when the driver intentionally closed the door to trap the thief’s hand. Ouch!

What’s more surprising here is not the way he traps the kid, but his stick. Like seriously, do all bus drivers have their hidden sticks in their seat? Are these sticks made to beat the crap out of people who robs others (or maybe to those people who rides the bus without paying?)

So yes, I think this serves a great lesson to those people who want to rob someone on the street.

Because if you really want to rob someone else, don’t rob inside the bus. Or else, you’ll get some beating!