EXCLUSIVE! Usain Bolt Knocked Over By His Greatest Contender, An Out of Control Segway!

(source: iridium 33)


The World’s Fastest Man surely can’t outrun the accidents that may come from the future, that’s for sure! And especially if you’re a cameraman who might ruin the world’s fastest man’s career by limping him by an accident, you need to be freaking nervous cause you might be blamed by the world!

After beating American sprinter Justin Gatlin in the gruesome 200-m event at Beijing, Usain Bolt got to walk with a smile on his face and a trophy on his mind. Just as usual, he walks while waving in the audience and maybe put up a fist that shows he’s determined to win every match that he joins.

But in this world, the balance of fate is not satisfied if only one extremity exists in one place. For it believed that there should be two. One is the World’s Fastest Man who could outrun a cheetah, and the other is the World’s Unluckiest Man who just drove a Segway through the Bolt’s legs.

By that time, all I can say inside my mind is Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I hope he’s insured with those legs!

If I was that man who just gravely tripped Usain Bolt, I could’ve sweated too much and kiss his legs for a full recovery. Like seriously, I could’ve broken his feet for Pete’s sake! I don’t want the whole world to blame me for this matter!

So photographers and videographers out there who wants technology to be part of their daily tasks, please avoid the Segway. Well, you could think of other ways to get that smooth video recording. Maybe ride a bike or have a car with you.

Just make sure you don’t bump into Usain Bolt’s legs because trust me, the world will never be the same without Usain Bolt!