Meet Vittor Brumotti, The Free Road Biker That Has Nuts Of Steel!

(source: Global Cycling Network)


Never ride your bike on the narrowest pathway you ever find, because it will cause you a lot of stitches.

This is one of the most unforgettable lessons that I learned when I was 7. I was just a foolish girl, riding my own rusty bike as I was crossing a creaky bridge.

I admit that I wasn’t the smartest girl on the face of the planet. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t really thinking about the things that could happen to me once I crossed that old bridge of ours. So without further thinking about the risks of it, crossed it without hesitation. Oh yeah, I was a dare-devil on that day. But I guess courage won’t really help you with that part since I got hurt pretty bad that it required me at least 6 stitches to fix my arm.

But in the case if Vittorio Brumotti, courage (and talent) can help you cross those narrow passageways without any trouble.

Seriously, this dude has the skills of a biker that I was not able to achieve when I was a bit younger.

Trick bikers are not that rare. Many bikers can do various tricks (and could even go through impossible terrain with only their bikes), but Mr. Brumotti here is quite different.

See him cross abandoned factories, play along with those empty planes, do slow motion Ollies at your typical parks, do inverted tricks on a very steep road, cross onto fences, high-rise obstacles or even risk your life while balancing yourself on a concrete fence that could lead you to a death-plunge on the sea.

Mr. Burmotti, you’re one helluva biker and you must be very proud about yourself!

 The next time that you really want to have the biggest thrill on your life, don’t every think of riding a bike. I rather be safe and sound inside my house, watching awesome guys do the tricks for me while avoiding another 6 stitches!