CAUGHT ON CAM! 2 Moms Fights Off Inside A Walmart Store… Mom’s Kid Join’s In, Too!

(source: Brian Marye)


Walmart, Beech Grove Branch may have lost a few bottles of shampoo, but their store surely earned a lot of attention after a bystander caught 2 moms and one kid brawling over the shampoo isle on cam. On what had others expect to be an ordinary cursing battle turned out into a grueling mom-match that went too far, that it even wrecked a few bottles of shampoo.

Oooh! Silky!

Walmart stated that the behavior of these 2 lovely moms was definitely not appropriate that they decided to ban them.

Fights like these may happen without any warnings. But surely, there must be something that caused spark to these 2 moms (and the kid).

According to Amber Stephenson, the mom in the black shirt, she was just defending the Walmart’s employee. This is because the mom on the grey shirt called the employee with names. It came to a point that Mom in Gray used the ‘N’ word.

As we can see on the video, no one was brave enough to be part of the brawl, except for Amber’s son.

On one of her interviews, Amber proudly said that his son goes to the gym and takes martial arts classes. But according to the video, he didn’t even use a lot of these moves. Instead, he threw shampoo bottles on her mom’s enemy.

Now why wouldn’t other Walmart employees stop them from fighting? This is mainly because there’s a company policy that prohibits employees from intervening situations like this.

Securities were expected to take action immediately. But according to some watchers, they saw and hear d security personnel laughing on the background.

To be honest, you could solve any intrusions and conflicts without depending on violence. A clearer head and a peaceful heart could easily solve this issue.

Let’s be civilized. Let’s be human beings when these happens. Remember, a bottle of shampoo costs $5.00. You don’t want to waste 5 bucks, right?