2 Guys Tried Rocking With A Toy Guitar in Walmart, And The Result Was Just Unbelievable!

(source: Clay Shelburn)


The next time you visit the ‘Toy’ section on Walmart, you might want to check their toy guitars and try to play it. Who knows, you could be the next Clay Shelburn & Zac Stokes, the previous Walmart Rockstars that shook the internet with their awesome number.

What started as a joke turned out to be one of the most unforgettable viral videos on YouTube, Clay and Zac never expected that their silly video could attract a lot of views!

According to one of Clay’s videos (Clay was the guy playing the toy guitar) , the idea of playing the Lightning McQueen guitar started when Zac (the one with the hat on the video) tried to play a mini keyboard along the toy isle. Since he got nothing else to do, the guitarist searched for his own instrument to play with.

After a few moments of searching, he discovered a pile of Lightning McQueen guitars hanging around, since one of the toy guitars was already out of its packaging; he poked it out and started making music.

At first, he and Zac thought that it would be funny and stupid to play a whole song and record it just for laughs. But they never knew that their simple jamming could go on pretty well that the Internet will receive it by storm.

A musician by night, Clay Shelburn never thought of receiving much attention from their crazy antics of playing a silly song on a simple Walmart Toy Guitar. Only a great quality toy and a skillful guitarist could make this video possible!

So what could be the biggest lesson that we could learn from this guy?

Always check your toy isles if there’s an open toy instrument and start playing your hearts out! Of course, trumpets and other wind instruments are a big exemption to this lesson, okay?