Who Wants To Live On Trees If You Are A Water Skiing Squirrel?


Squirrels are thought to be one of nature’s most timid animals in the forest. As much as possible, they would avoid danger and extremities just to be safe. Usually, you’ll just find them at the top of the trees where danger is not within reach.

Yes, that’s what squirrels are all about. They wouldn’t mind much if they’d see a big gigantic pool with people cheering for them. It doesn’t matter to them if there’s a remote control boat with toy squirrels latched on its seats (psss, as if you’d fool a squirrel with that).

As much as possible, no extreme activities (except for climbing trees and eating nuts) will be done by these critters. But that doesn’t really mean that there’s no one who’ll break the usual. And like anything else, there would always be someone who’ll do the opposite of everything.

Meet Twiggy, one of the most badass squirrels that you’ll ever meet.

Twiggy doesn’t care much about being safe (except when she wears lifejackets. Everyone needs lifejackets when they’re in the pool). All she wants is to ride a freaking waterskis and show the world that squirrels have a daredevil spirit inside of them.

On this GoPro vid, you can see that Twiggy doesn’t really care about the crowd. She just looks at them as if she was saying “You ain’t gonna hitch with me on this ride!”

Instead of eating some nuts or running up and down on some tree, she enjoys grabbing on some remote control motorboat while water-skiing on a pool that’s small in size, but big in her heart. She just dominates everything!

Getting wet? Pssh! She doesn’t even care at all! Will she fall? Psssh! A squirrel doesn’t really care about falling since they’re born at the top of the trees.

Well, it seems like Twiggy here was born caring at anything at all. And that is why she became the world’s smallest daredevil!

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