This Dad Bagged “Father of the Year” Award Because of This ‘Shaming’ Video!



We were already amused with dozens of video and images of parents shaming their kids. We find it funny how parents find the most creative ways to “teach” their kids what is right and what is not. But the problem with this is that shaming publicly (or in some cases, online) doesn’t really help at all.

However, this certain dad showed the world that you really don’t need to do kinds of stuff just to teach your kids a lesson.

At first, you’d think that Wayman Gresham (the dad in the video) would shave his kid’s hair with the haircut challenge (one of the few “shaming” ways to teach your kid a lesson by shaving their hair). But instead of buzzing it all the way in, he ordered his son to stand up and gave him a hug.

By that moment, instead of hair falling of that boy’s head, we had tears falling from our eyes.

“Come here, boy. Give me a hug!” he said as gave his son a big warm hug.

Father and Son
Give me a hug!

According to the video, embarrassing your kids isn’t the right way to teach them a lesson. He also said that good parenting isn’t about doing great measures like shaming your kids through videos or images.

“Good parenting is letting your child know that you love them regardless of what they are and who they are and showing them the way by example” the epic dad said on the video.

Gresham and his family

The video, with almost half a million shares and with almost 300k likes, was created by Gresham to show the true meaning of parenting. He wanted to show the whole internet that embarrassing your kid is not a great way to impart with lessons. What he wants to show the world is that parenting is all about how you treat your kids.

“Not one time on this video have you heard me use profanity… Not one time on this video have you heard me put my son down.” He said on the video.

Kid shaming isn’t really that rare on the internet these days. A lot of parents have filmed and took pictures of their kids while undergoing their punishment. Although some of these kids have done the worst things in life, people still think that kids should be shamed for that.

Father of the year

At the end of the day, we must still think of our children. Although punishments are still good (as long as you’re kid learns something from it), these shouldn’t be publicized. A good parent must treat his/her kid with love and compassion. This is what Wayman Gresham’s video tells us.

To Wayman Gresham, you’re officially Father of the Year! Now give us a hug!

Father of the year