This Family Of Ducks Just Had The Most Touching Reunion… Straight From The Storm Drain!

(source: gazbart142)


We all know that humans and animals should work together in order to survive. You may not know it, but there were times that we are indirectly saved by animals. Perhaps, you should know that we owe our trees to those bees and butterflies. Remember those stories about dogs and cats waking their owners during a house fire? That’s one worth noting, too! And it’s definitely common to see people helping animals when they are in deep life-threatening trouble.

So this group of citizen discovered a group of ducklings with their Mama Duck quacking with horror. It turned out that some of her ducklings were washed away, and ended up inside the storm drain! As the time goes by, the chances of these ducklings survival is close to none!

So what did these people do?

They quickly grabbed some mini fish nets and tried scooping those ducks inside the drain. And after a few moments of scooping…

The first duckling was rescued!

One by one, the group of awesome citizens lifted these little ducklings with the net and let them rum towards their glad Mama duck.

At this time, my tears just rolled down without me knowing it.

As the last duckling landed safely from the net to the ground, Mama duck wiggled her tail and ran off together with her reunited family.


Now that’s what I call a great FAMILY REUNION!

So I guess humanity is restored again after watching these guys rescuing those ducklings. Maybe our human race can still go a long way when it comes to animals.

I just hope some people will do this, too, once they saw something like this one.

But anyway, cheers for these awesome guys!

Hurray for the duck savers! Congratulations on proving that human beings can still show their affection towards animals, even when they are in danger.