We Bet You Won’t Expect This Person To Impersonate Whitney Houston Excellently

(source: Canal Zero)


Singers impersonating other popular singers are not a rare thing in the world of entertainment. Usually, people would dress up like them and even do their mannerisms and twists to perfectly reflect their idols. Some people are so good at this, that they could even copy the way they sing! But this somehow possible if a guy copies another male singer and girl imitates another female singer.

But hey, the Internet doesn’t really always go on that way of thought, right?

What if a guy could eventually pull off an impersonating act that imitates a female singer? And to make thing a little bit interesting, the singer that the guy tries to impersonate is none other than the legendary Whitney Houston?

Yes, you better believe it!

Seriously, this guy owned his own place on the uhm, center stage, as he sang “I Have Nothing” by no other than Whitney Houston. From the way Whitney Houston moves her hands while she sings, the way she points at the crowd during the “Youuuuu!” part of the song, and even her vocal curls that could send shivers to anyone, he definitely owned it all!

If you really liked this song so much and you want to see his talent, then I advise you to go directly to the part of the song were the high notes were placed. Just watch those parts and your hair would definitely rise as he reaches them without any trouble.

We’ve seen a lot of singers from all over the music industry who already went various music classes and tests, and yet this person (an amateur singer) could easily push them off.

As a guy, I know how hard it is to reach those very high notes with vocal chords that were only fit to sing low-toned songs. But this guy right here had a voice so powerful that he covered the song without flinching.

Now this is what we call talent!

Hats off, young lad!