Furious Police Got Stuck Like Winnie The Pooh On A Police Car

(source:  Trs Esz )


What could be funnier than a police wriggling his feet to get out from the car than a police wriggling his feet to get out from the car while raining! Yes, you read that right! Just imagine a cop, soaking wet after struggling as he fight his way towards freedom!

It’s rare for us to see cops fail on something really bad that it could hurt our tummy because of laughing too much. When we search of videos with cops in it, we would usually see abusive cops, cops fighting over something shallow, doughnuts and more! But this video proved that there’s something more than the daily duty.

Well… We all know that cops should be really fit just in case that he needs to catch a running crime-doer.  You also know that cops should also be smart enough to know the solution immediately. But what the heck? What happened to this cop right here?

I think you should just look at just to be sure with your response.

As you can see, this cop got his own Winnie The Pooh Got Stuck On A Tree scenario. His upper half was on the inside of his police car while the other half was struggling to get out. It did look like he was entering the car through the window, but failed in the most miserable and embarrassing way.

For the very first few seconds of the video, you can see a man wearing a green shirt staring at the helpless police. But it seems like he’s not into helping stuck-up persons under the depressing rain.

Well, I guess this only means that cops should maybe tone down and cut the doughnut trips to maybe, like 2-3 times a week?

So the next time you want to enter your car, never enter through the window (especially if you love doughnuts so much).