Prepare Yourself! This May Be The World’s Fastest (and Coolest) Shawarma Maker And He’s Just Awesome!

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If you’re a true Marvel, then you already know that the Avengers had a lovely dinner at a certain shawarma shop after fighting some baddies. You should know that Tony Stark personally suggested that he, Thor, the Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow should try a nearby shawarma store on the place where he fell down.

Shawarma (for those who actually don’t know it) is a kind of Arabian dish that consists of meat put together on flat bread. It is usually served with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and some slurp of sweet and spicy sauce.

Now, preparing this awesome Avenger-certified meal is a sight that is worth the watch. Servers would usually carve the meat down and chopped it skillfully, like as if they’re assassins stabbing some random enemy or something. And because it looks (kinda amusing but a bit disturbing,) you kept on watching those chefs to their thing.

Here at NewsTycoon, we don’t really settle for mediocre, so we hunted down the Internet for the best Shawarma server that could meet the highest standards of a Tony Stark. So we found out this guy.

Okay, you may want to ignore his awkward dance steps for a minute, but I really want you to notice that awesome Mortal Kombat part where he shown his fast and eye-confusing skills.

Admit it, it was kinda cool when the Mortal Kombat part ran. Like seriously, I could really use that fancy hand-movements if I want my Shawarma to be tasty and well-formed. It is because I believe that good Shawarmas are always prepared with a swishing hand that goes along with any fighting game background music.

I hope that one day, Tony Stark and this amazing Shawarma server could meet, and save the world from the demise that Thanatos will cause.

One shawarama at a time.