WTF?! Perfectly Lined Clumps of Worms Found On A Street in Texas!

(source: Texas Parks and Wildlife)


WARNING: What you are about to see may seriously cause you nightmares, or lost of appetite.

After going through a ravaging flood in May, Texas may have to worry about another type of catastrophe. Over 30 clumps of worms were perfectly lined on the tarmac at Eisenhower State Park. What has anyone believed to be disassembled spaghetti noodles were actually real live worms clumped into a single pile. And yes, what made it creepier is that they were aligned neatly in the middle of the empty road.

Scientists (and other people who find this cool and interesting) tried investigating the cause for this phenomenon. Others believed that it was a bad omen from the deities above. Some believed that it was a sign of destruction. Others didn’t actually give a damn to these worms, but science had something to say for this worms.

Come on, science! Explain it to us!

Why clumps?

First, why the heck would these worms group themselves together? Science tells that earthworms tend to stack themselves to communicate since they do the process best when they make body contact. This is another way to defend themselves from natural tendencies.

Why are they aligned in the middle of the road?

The secret lies behind the way how roads are constructed. Contrary to what others belief, roads are not created to be even. The middle parts of a road are usually elevated. Since they are elevated, water simply flows away from that part. Earthworms tend to venture on the driest places of land. This makes the middle portion of the road (where the water freely flows away) the driest, making them perfect spots for clumping.

And why the heck are they on the street? Aren’t they supposed to be on the ground?

Well, yes! But in this scenario, earthworms would rather stay on the road due to the flooding. Earthworms can easily drown from very murky soil. This is why they decided to hang around on the road instead.

So the next time your place gets flooded, keep your eyes peeled for tangled pasta along the road. Who knows? Maybe they’re worms hanging out on a rainy evening!