Watch As This 5A World Yo-Yo Champion Amaze You With His Epic Tricks!

(source: yoyovideoarchive)


Yoyo is the kind of toy that you never thought could get enough popularity. At first, these are just simple toys that kids usually play when they bored. Nothing fancy really… Just a piece of circular rotating plastic with a string that can be pulled, that’s what yoyo basically is. But as time goes by, people starting incorporating lots of tricks into this toy.

Yoyo evolved. Yoyo got some early paradigm shift, causing more and more people to play yoyo. It came to a point that it got so much attention; it needed a governing body to organize everything. Thus, competitions started to bloom out of nowhere.

And look, yoyo competitions are like fun to watch at. Just looking at those complicated moves and tricks makes you ever wonder: How the heck are they able to do those sleek moves? Should you be like the master of your hands or something?

Just look at Jake Elliott… Another typical yoyo trickster (note: he’s not Asian) that does have the moves and the awesome tricks to win the 2015 World Yo-Yo Contest! Just look at his number and try to imagine your hands doing those techniques!

Yes, they look simple at first. As a matter of fact, you’re only using their hands and their yoyos for this one. But look at how fluid those yoyos are! You won’t be able to do those tricks if you’re a bit tacky with your hand movements.

I’ve tried playing yoyo once, and the basics were pretty easy. I can do walk-the-dog, around the world, long sleeper, and the rock the baby.  That’s it. I can’t do most of the tricks that were done by Jake.

So for those yoyo players out there, my respect is on you! Freaking do more yoyo tricks and amuse us more in the future!